There isn't much I can say regarding myself, other than that I am most likely similar to you. We are the same in respect to experiencing a shared dysfunctional reality, one which seems to have no meaning and is mundane to the extreme. I declare myself a victim of this accursed world, and am simply a writer who wishes to develop his thought in order to escape its clutches.

Also, similarly to other internet denizens (especially those who had lurked the internet before 2010), I have spent the last decade browsing imageboards like 4chan and 8chan, developed a strong addiction to internet pornography and videogames, spent way too much time watching Japanese animation, and have fallen into nihilism more than a number of times. This blog is to hopefully be the mechanism which may deliver me away from the aformentioned ills. The place from which I dig myself out of this psychological, philosophical, and dare I say spiritual disfunctional state which I currently find myself in.